Tips For Saving Money On Your Electricity Bill

Rich or poor, we could all use a little frugality in our lives. After all, who wants to waste money on electricity bills when there are far more fun ways to spend it? Remember your grandmother? — the one who insisted on wearing a sweater instead of putting on the heat, well she was a smart lady and we can learn a few things about the way our frugal ancestors lived.

With today’s modern amenities and energy saving appliances, there really is no excuse to be an energy-hog. Conserving energy is better for our pocket books and our planet.  Let’s look at 10 ways to save money on your electricity bill— things that you can implement today and possibly see results as soon as the next bill arrives.

By now you already know that you need to seal your home with caulking and weatherstripping, so we are not going to beat that idea into you any more, but read through these insightful tips to see what else you can do to save some green (in our pocketbooks and on our planet).

Install Ceiling Fans

Your homes are often too stuffy due to poor air circulation. Ceiling fans allow air to be circulated more efficiently, saving you a lot of money in costly air conditioning.  You can actually turn your air conditioning a few degrees warmer when a ceiling fan is pushing cool air down onto you—adding up to a lot of savings by the end of a hot summer.

While a ceiling fan doesn’t really have a drastic effect on the actual temperature of the house, it does make you feel cooler when you are sitting or sleeping under one. Why? Because the air flow on your skin is evaporating sweat and making you feel cooler.

A ceiling fan can even help lower energy costs . Simply look for the reverse switch near the top of your fan unit, making the fan blades rotate in the opposite direction, thereby pushing the hot air that is trapped up near the ceiling down to you and your living space.

Replace Lightbulbs

By now everyone is aware of this fact: Switching out your lightbulbs to the amazingly efficient LED’s is just plain smart.  At first these new LED’s were a decorators nightmare with their ugly bright coils that ruin the look of your high-end lamps and add a harsh glare, making the room anything but inviting.

However, the appearance of this technology has improved over time— there are a lot of options available that look like real lightbulbs (hiding the coils inside) and they emit attractive shades of light.

Considering the fact that the average household uses 11% of its energy budget on lighting—it is definitely time to switch to modern LED’s  that can reduce lighting energy use by 50% to 75 %, according to InterNACHI. Get a warmly lit room and save money with modern LED bulbs—it’s the best of both!


Here is a little known fact: Even when your appliances are not in use, they are still sucking power if they are plugged in.  Look around your home, how many appliances are currently plugged in that are not in use? Your computer? Your toaster? Your lamps? Your televisions?

Here is the problem: it would be a major pain to go around unplugging devices on a daily basis.

You could decide to simply unplug the devices that you rarely use or you could invest in a few power strips which allow you to turn off multiple devices with the click of one switch. Either way, unplugging is a smart energy-saving tip that everyone should consider.

Open Windows at Night, Shut Curtains During Day

Anybody can do this and it doesn’t cost you a dime to implement. Your homes can cool down by 10 to 15 degrees at night by simply opening up your windows and letting the fresh air in!  

During daylight hours, the bright, glaring midday sun can heat up our homes drastically, causing us to crank the Air conditioning (A/C) unit to high. Instead, try installing blackout curtain panels to your windows or blackout shades. By closing these window treatments when the sun is high, you block out the harsh, hot rays and cool your home dramatically—without the A/C.

This takes us back to the modern conveniences of smart home automation which would allow us to control our window panels/blinds with the touch of a button—even when we are not home. Now that is efficiency at its best!

Use Cold Water

Brrrr! No one wants to take a cold shower, so we will not recommend that—even though it would save you a lot in hot water heating costs.

However, your clothes on the other hand would be happy to be washed in cold water, in fact, they would probably last longer if you did.  With the availability of detergents that are meant for cold water washing, most clothes can be properly cleaned in cold water, unless they are really soiled.

The absolute ultimate way to save on your monthly electricity bills would be to wash most of your clothes on the cold cycle in an Energy Star washer, so give your high electricity bill the cold shoulder by washing in cold water whenever possible—your clothes and your wallet will thank you.


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