Temporary Ways to Dress Up a Rental Like You Own It

Living in a rental surely won’t feel like home, but you can transform it by changing a few things here and there to upgrade your rental. You can even take a home renovation loan to implement home improvement ideas on a budget.

First, however, we must tell you that before you do anything permanent (or anything temporary, for that matter), you need to get written consent from your landlord. Many don’t want anyone making changes to the paint, hardware, appliances or any kind of structure. But if your landlord is game, here’s what you can do.

Rental apartments or condos don’t have the most flattering lighting. You can liven up the area by bringing in new light fixtures.

There are many easy-to-install and plug-in versions to choose from. Select a stylish desk or floor lamp in complementing colors and shapes.

1. Replace hardware

A few simple changes can make a big difference:

Faucets and shower heads: Replace the faucets and shower heads in the bathroom. Choose faucets of a different finish than the norm (think bronze or chrome) to boost the look.

Handles and knobs: Remove old and worn door, window and cabinet handles and knobs and get new ones. Ideally, choose the ones that match the current decorating scheme.

Cabinet hardware: Adding a fresh coat of paint will give the cabinets a new look. Switching the wooden handles to metal will also make a huge difference.

2. Makeover walls and windows

Another home renovation tip is to decorate the walls and windows.

  • Hang drapery of suitable colors and fabrics on the windows. It’s inexpensive and you can switch them often to keep changing the look and feel of the space

  • Replace old blinds with new or cover them with roman shades

  • Add a fresh coat of paint on the walls to spruce up the look. Even painting one wall will make a huge difference

  • If your landlord doesn’t approve of wall painting, you can use temporary wallpapers or peel-and-stick options

  • Hang oversized wall art or tapestry to create a feature wall and elevate the room’s decor

3. Opt for a ‘rug’ged look

Flooring is generally difficult to modify in rentals and if they’re worn or stained, they’ll lend a sense of dullness to the room. However, you can give the floors a fresh look by adding rugs.

They come in all sizes and are appropriate in any room. Though it may not be as rewarding as fixing the floor itself, throwing a rug takes lesser time and adds a personal touch. They can also act as a great insulator.

4. Customize the storage space

Use a home improvement to create more space by customizing storage options. Install pull-out shelves in spaces with no existing shelves. You must take precise measurements before buying these shelves.

Use floating shelves or hanging baskets if there isn’t sufficient storage space. They help in holding and organizing items in a stylish way.

Implementing just a few home improvement tips will totally upgrade the rental you live in. You can personalize the space to make it feel like home. Just remember to keep all the original fixtures as you’ll have to replace them back when your lease is over.


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