How to Protect Your Home While on Holiday

Many things could happen to your home while on vacation, so taking precautions before leaving town is crucial. There is no reason to worry about theft, your pets being properly cared for, or a leak in the home, so preparing things before your vacation will ease your fears. Here are some tips on keeping your home protected while on vacation.


First and foremost, clean anything that might produce smells and attract pests. Take the trash out before you leave and clean the fridge out.

Lights and Temps

Purchase an outlet timer from a hardware store before you go. What it does is it turns your lights on at scheduled times to make your home appear occupied and this will prevent burglars from suspecting no one is home.

If pets will be staying at the home, make sure the temperature is comfortable for them. If no pets will be in the home while you’re away, you still want to somewhat cool or heat the home. If you shut off the air conditioner, you could risk humidity which could cause mold in the home, so this will help by drying the air in the home. If you turn the heat off in the winter, you would risk freezing the pipes. Keep the temperature consistent to be safe.


Turn the water supply to the washing machine off because water going to the machine is constantly on, so if any sort of rupture occurred to the hose the home could face water damage.

Telling Others

Have someone you can trust check on the home for you. They can help care for pets left at the home, or simply collect your mail and newspaper as to not alert others you aren’t home.

Be sure not to advise everyone you know on social media that you’re going to be leaving town. This will open the possibility for a burglary.

Taking these few easy steps will ensure your home will be worry free while you are on vacation.


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