3 Ways a Floor Plan Will Help Sell Your Home

A floor plan is a graphical representation of a building looking from above and slicing it about 4 feet above the floor plane. Walls, windows, doors and other architectural elements are shown to scale to describe a building to someone else. The drawing below is an example of a floor plan.

With my background, it was only natural for me to provide a floor plan to help my real estate clients sell their homes. Anyone who lists their home with me will receive a floor plan of their home as part of my real estate commission. Using a laser measuring tape, I can quickly document the locations of your home’s walls, doors and windows, then I take that information back and draft it for export as a JPG, PDF or DWG.

Here are three ways a floor plan can help sell your home:

1. Allow Buyers to Understand the Flow Online

Since we know the vast majority of buyers begin their search online, a floor plan will help potential buyers visualize how the home is laid out before they step foot into your house.

Photos can be misleading, especially ones where the camera uses a wide angle lens. Photos can make rooms look larger that they are and not provide a complete understanding of how a home “flows”. A floor plan provides an objective way for buyers to evaluate a home.

2. Screen Out Buyers and Save Time

Now that your potential buyers understand the flow, this will weed out buyers that aren’t a good fit, before they even call you or your agent. This makes showings and open houses more effective. You won’t be wasting time meeting with people who don’t understand the home’s layout.

3. Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Most listings that include a floor plan are new construction, because the drawings are readily available at the time of selling. Over time, this information gets lost or was never given to the buyer after the close of escrow. This is why most sellers listing an existing home, don’t have a floor plan. Sellers tend to only consider photos to embellish the marketing material used to sell their home. A floor plan adds another dimension to your marketing materials and sets you apart from all of the other homes for sale.


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