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Mont Kiara is one of the most exclusive enclaves to live in within Kuala Lumpur, an area that is populated mostly by expats who have relocated to Malaysia, as well as the most upper income groups of Malaysia.

It is also home to many dignitaries and is a choice location for migrating individuals and families who will be most comfortable here as all the facilities, amenities and malls here are targeted towards expats with their imported ware.  It is also said that Mont Kiara is home to the biggest group of Japanese expats, who find this area to be very much to their liking.

Known as the "rich man's land", Mont Kiara is also scarily enough a usual target for kidnappers looking for a quick buck as this area holds the highest number of quality international schools in Malaysia.  As sucgh, many of the houses here have security guards armed with firearms.  An interesting rumour is that one of the richest men in Malaysia's house is also in Mont Kiara.

Much construction is ongoing in the area at the moment, with the borders of Mont Kiara filled in from end-to-end with high rises and landed property, causing much congestion druing peak hours.  Due to the limited availability of land and high demand, many developers are now placing their new developments on the edges of Segambut, a slum area, just next to Mont Kiara.

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Analysis & comparison of an average transaction, for rent and for sale of landed, non landed and commercial properties within Mont Kiara.

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Home Prices In Mont Kiara


A Guide To Mont Kiara Property Prices

Mont Kiara is a neighbourhood with a reputation for rapid development and an affluent suburban lifestyle. This is a suburb dominated by high-rise developments and condominium complexes, with a substantial expat population living alongside local residents tempted by the trendy feel of the neighbourhood.

While a Mont Kiara condo might be the height of urban aspiration for many in Kuala Lumpur, the neighbourhood’s property market has seen some interesting valuation shifts over the last two years.

Exploring sales trends of properties in the area reveals some fascinating insight about Mont Kiara house prices. Analysing data from 30,000 units sold in this area over the last 12 months on PropertyGuru reveal a median unit price of RM1.7 million across the neighbourhood. While that’s lower than equally affluent and neighbouring suburb Sri Hartamas, the difference potentially reflects the breakdown of property type between the areas, with condos making up much of the prime real estate in Mont Kiara.

Mont Kiara Bungalow Prices

Bungalows are often the peak of desirability in affluent Kuala Lumpur neighbourhoods, and Mont Kiara is no exception. The price per square foot (psf) of bungalows in the area sits at RM1,361 averaged over the last 24 months.

This average price is balanced over a two-year period of highs and lows for bungalow prices in the neighbourhood, with a low of RM1,075 psf in February 2017, growing to a peak of RM1,677 in November of the same year. A subsequent fall saw prices hit a low in June 2018, of 1,164 psf before renewed growth that sees a price in January 2019, of RM1,636 psf.

Bungalows remain an attractive part of the high-end market, and current valuation insight from PropertyGuru sales data reveals bungalow prices enjoying a steady rise to start 2019.

Mont Kiara Condominium Prices

When buyers think of Mont Kiara, the image that comes to mind is likely that of a luxurious condo set within this desirable neighbourhood. Mont Kiara certainly has a wealth of such property on offer. Affluent investors or home buyers could aspire to a four-bedroom condo in Mont Kiara with prices reaching as high as RM15 million.

Taking a wider view, average house prices across the neighbourhood reveal steady valuation growth in 2018, following a substantial dip in the 6 months ending 2017. Over the last two years, average valuations for condominiums in Mont Kiara stood at RM906 psf. A low of RM867 psf in December 2017, has shown steady growth to RM941 by January 2019.

While Mont Kiara witnessed rapid property and valuation growth in its boom years, industry opinion tends to the view that price ranges for a condo in the neighbourhood have now broadly stabilised.

Mont Kiara Semi-Detached House Prices

Semi-detached houses in Mont Kiara have shown a steady downward trend in price per square foot over the last year according to PropertyGuru sales data. A peak of RM859 psf in April, 2018, led to a steady decline that continued to January of 2019. While the rate of decline is notably slowing, that trend has seen prices fall to RM759 psf to start 2019, a decrease of more than 11% over a 9 month period.

This price change could indicate semi-detached houses in this desirable neighbourhood entering a buyers’ market scenario to start 2019, with subdued pricing creating a potential opportunity for purchasers.

Mont Kiara Terrace House Prices

Terrace houses in the Mont Kiara neighbourhood have remained relatively steady over the last 6 months, with minimal price fluctuations revealed in PropertyGuru’s sales data. An average of RM767 psf witnessed in the latter half of 2018 is reflected by an average of RM770 psf seen in January 2019, demonstrating the relatively settled pricing trend for this housing type over recent months.

Mont Kiara Property Trends

While the area has experienced a decade or more of rapid growth, new property in Mont Kiara is still under development. Met 1 Residencies, Residensi Astrea Mont’Kiara and Residensi Solaris Parq are three major developments set to add new units to the suburb over the next few years, with prices ranging from RM740,000 up to RM1.745 million.

These developments offer exciting new additions to a landscape emerging from the challenges of a property overhang, evidenced by the moderate 6.6% CAGR growth in median prices of Mont Kiara properties sold in the 12 months from January 2018 through to January 2019. With current market conditions entering 2019, if you’re looking for a Mont Kiara house for sale, then it may not be a bad time to explore what’s available.


Living In Mont Kiara


Your Guide To Living In Mont Kiara

Mont Kiara is an area that has seen huge transformation from its roots as a rubber plantation almost 30 years ago to the thriving suburban hotspot you see today. The modern urban environment of the contemporary neighbourhood has emerged as an extremely popular destination for homebuyers, providing an aspirational location for locals and expats alike.

Mont Kiara is KL’s high-end and high-rise development success story, with luxury condominiums and exclusive tower blocks rising high above a neighbourhood that enjoys all the local amenities and entertainment you’d come to expect in a modern metropolis. That means living in Mont Kiara doesn’t have to be a sacrifice between suburban living and vibrant city life.

Mont Kiara Shopping And Entertainment

As you might expect from an affluent neighbourhood like Mont Kiara, this is not an area that suffers from lack of retail or entertainment opportunities.

1 Mont Kiara offers the perfect neighbourhood mall for a range of shopping needs, with groceries and retail stores sitting alongside a varied and international selection of food and beverage outlets. The shopping centre boasts pop-up stalls regularly, giving a bit of variety to the normal offerings. You can also find a Fitness First gym within the complex.

Verve Shops is a small retail centre offering a more limited selection of shops and restaurants at Verve Mont Kiara, as well as leisure activities like a resident pilates studio and local amenities such as health and well-being outlets.

Solaris Mont Kiara is located to the north side of Mont Kiara, offering another shopping opportunity for residents of the neighbourhood. The anchor tenant Cold Storage accounts for a large part of the retail space, with other shops dotted around this largely Korean food-dominated retail centre.

Kiara 163 is the newest trendy retail complex to open up in the area, providing designer boutiques and lifestyle outlets alongside food and beverage offerings. The central landscaped garden provides a relaxing place for you to enjoy when those shopping bags get too heavy.

Mont Kiara Food And Nightlife

Mont Kiara offers a diverse range of culinary treats and hot nightlife spots, with the likes of Asian fusion cuisine sitting side-by-side with some of the best bars and western food in KL.
As you might expect from an affluent and trendy neighbourhood, coffee shops and the café scene are well developed in Mont Kiara, with popular establishments like Ra-Ft Café and Kopenhagen Coffee serving up the neighbourhood’s daily caffeine fix.

When it comes to something more substantial, Solaris Mont Kiara is a popular hangout that’s worth exploring, hosting great restaurants sitting side-by-side with a range of bars and clubs. You’ll find a particular focus on fantastic Korean food in the area, as well as a crowd dominated by young and trendy locals hanging out to enjoy the entertainment on weekends.

Kiara 163 and Verve Mont Kiara are retail complexes in the neighbourhood which also offer a range of great restaurant and café choices. You can get to grips with local delights alongside a diverse array of international cuisines.

Nightlife in Mont Kiara offers up everything from a relaxing drink at a quiet bar to some of Kuala Lumpur’s most exciting clubs, but Publika Shopping Gallery in neighbouring Sri Hartamas (5-minutes drive away) provides another go-to hangout destination to enjoy the fun of the weekend crowds.

Mont Kiara Healthcare

Residents of Mont Kiara have access to a number of wellness centres and dedicated health clinics located in shopping centres and buildings throughout the neighbourhood. As well as more general offerings, Kiara Child Specialist Clinic, located in Solaris Mont Kiara, provides specialist paediatric healthcare for the area.

More serious conditions requiring hospital care can be treated at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), the public hospital serving the city. This 2,300-bed hospital offers specialist care across a range of indications, and is located just 10-15 minutes away from Mont Kiara by road.

Private hospitals are also available and conveniently located to serve the Mont Kiara neighbourhood. Pantai Hospital in the nearby Bangsar district is a 331-bed private hospital just a short drive from Mont Kiara. ParkCity Medical Centre offers an alternative private hospital within an easy 10-15 minutes’ drive.

Mont Kiara Places Of Worship

Mont Kiara boasts easy access to places of worship that meet the needs of its diverse population, from mosques and temples to a number of local churches.

The nearby Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, or Federal Territories Mosque, can be reached in less than 10 minutes by road. This beautiful mosque holds up to 17,000 worshippers, and offers a magnificent place of worship for the local Muslim population. Expect significant traffic around prayer times, with Friday lunchtime a particularly busy period, common in cities all over Malaysia.

The local Hindu population also enjoys a number of nearby temples within convenient driving distance. Shree Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Kuala Lumpur is a temple and religious centre visited by many in the local Hindu community. The breathtaking Batu Caves are also accessible from Mont Kiara within a fairly short drive, providing an iconic focus of worship alongside a range of other temples and religious centres spread throughout nearby neighbourhoods.

The beautiful Thean Hou Temple, and nearby Guan Di Temple in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown, provide notable Buddhist temples to visit for local followers, with a large number of other temples and places of worship found in neighbouring parts of Kuala Lumpur.

The International Church Mont Kiara and Soul Space Community Church are two Christian places of worship located within the neighbourhood, with a number of other churches and groups supporting different denominations throughout the area.


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