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Cheras is an extremely large and sprawling township dominated mostly by the chinese race.  This township is so large that it runs adjacent to Ampang on one end, while the other ends meets with Kajang.

This township was once just a small and sleepy tin mining town that was home to a mere 500 residents.  However, due to overpopulation in Kuala Lumpur over the years, Cheras was gradually developed into the metropolis it is today.

Cheras is well known to offer affordable housing closer to the Kajang area, where those of the middle income group can easily afford a considerably large terrace house.  The residential units however increase tremendously in price closer to the Ampang area.

A usual irate comment by motorist is that Cheras is the cause of all traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur , due to the high density of residents living in the town and the lack of roads connecting to the township to the city.  Residents of Cheras commonly have to live their houses before the sun rises to get to work, while most of them reach home only after the sun sets.

It is considered the norm for roads such as the Salak South Highway to be filled with cars bumper-to-bumper during morning rush hours and for Federal Highway to be the same during after work rush hours as all Cheras dwellers who need to go to and from their homes and the city utilize these highways.  Nevertheless, property development in the Cheras never ceases and the only good thing that can be said about it is that it offers affordable housing at the very least.

Analysis & Comparison

Analysis & comparison of an average transaction, for rent and for sale of landed, non landed and commercial properties within Cheras.

* To provide you with an accurate informations, some column maybe appear to appear  as 'Insufficient Data' due to insufficient transaction in the particular area.


Home Prices In Cheras


A Guide To Cheras Property Prices

House prices in Cheras can vary broadly over this large and diverse neighbourhood. An affordable Cheras apartment could give way to luxury homes just ten minutes’ drive way, with this sprawling neighbourhood incorporating a diverse range of properties and unique neighbourhoods.

The borders of Cheras stretch from Ampang in the north, over the state line of Kuala Lumpur and into Selangor, reaching down to touch Kajang in the south. This broadly mature neighbourhood is benefiting from increased development in both infrastructure and residential opportunity in recent years, making for a dynamic housing market in an attractive suburb.

Property pricing trends in Cheras

Analysing PropertyGuru data in the 24 months running to January 2019, shows that the local market in Cheras has been broadly buoyant over recent years. Average house prices demonstrated a compound annual growth rate of 8% in the year to January 2019.

The median price across more than 52,000 properties sold in Cheras in 2017 stood at RM655,000. That figure is less than half the median recorded in Kuala Lumpur of RM1.47 million in 2018, and goes some way to show why this mature neighbourhood, with all the amenities of big city living, is benefiting from growing recognition and popularity with homebuyers.

Cheras Bungalow Prices

Prices for bungalows in Cheras have shown an overall decrease in recent years, bucking the broader trend seen across the area. Over the last 24 months, the average price per square foot (psf) for bungalows in Cheras stood at RM630.

A high of RM733 psf in April 2017, led into a sustained fall in prices over the following 12 months, bottoming out at RM554 psf in April of the following year. Prices demonstrated in PropertyGuru sales figures have seen a slow albeit steady growth since then, reaching RM625 by January 2019.

Cheras Condominium Prices

Condominium prices in Cheras enjoyed stable growth over two years preceding January 2019, with the 12 months following January 2018, showing particular strength.

Prices for a Cheras condo in January 2019, averaged RM586 psf, higher than the RM557 psf averaged over the previous 24 months. With popular areas of Kuala Lumpur such as Mont Kiara enjoying prices of over RM900psf for similar properties, it’s evident why a Cheras condo for sale offers an appealing proposition for many homeowners looking to enjoy condo living in a more affordable city location.

Cheras Semi-Detached House Prices

The price per square foot for a semi-detached house in Cheras enjoyed notable appreciation over the two years to January 2019. PropertyGuru data reveals that an average of RM660 psf in January 2018, had risen to RM723 psf by January 2019.

The ~10% rise seen over this period contributed to an average price per square foot of RM693. A dip from October 2018, saw average prices hit a low of RM658 in April 2018. Substantial increase in the following months led to a levelling off in the second half of 2019, with PropertyGuru sales data indicating that semi-detached house prices maintained an average above RM700 psf in the following months through to January 2019.

Cheras Terrace House Prices

Terrace houses in the Cheras neighbourhood saw a slow but steady price fall in 2017 from RM480 psf at the start of the year, falling into the start of 2018, reaching a low of RM450 psf by April of the same year.

PropertyGuru sales data indicates that prices enjoyed continued growth through the majority of 2018 however, with sustained monthly growth achieving a two-year high of RM499 psf by January 2019. That figures sits almost 7% higher than the average figure of RM468 psf over the preceding 24-month period, with the trend indicating sustained growth is projected to continue.


Living In Cheras


Your Guide To Living In Cheras

Life in Cheras is a story of two states, stretching as it does from Kuala Lumpur in the north through to Selangor in the south. It’s a sprawling and, in places, densely populated area, with an abundance of malls, shops, nightlife, and local amenities for residents to enjoy.

The large geographical footprint of the suburb means property in Cheras can be found at widely different ends of the price spectrum, as well as meaning the area boasts a range of house types and immediate neighbourhood amenities to ensure there’s opportunity and choices for a diverse demographic of homebuyers.

Connectivity is often cited as the biggest challenge in Cheras. While it benefits from extremely good connectivity on paper, the reality can be extremely busy during rush hour. That means access and location can vary at different times of day. Thankfully new plans to extend and expand traffic management in the area are on-going.

Cheras Shopping and Entertainment

Cheras Leisure Mall offers a mid-range mall with a friendly neighbourhood feel, conveniently located next to Taman Mutiara MRT Station. With its connection to the new 4-storey EkoCheras Mall, it provides simple access to a range of retail and food outlets. AEON Cheras Selatan is another accessible mall with a good neighbourhood feel in the Cheras area, boasting a range of retail units alongside food and drink outlets, with the added bonus of a cinema located on the top floor.

Sunway Velocity Mall, located just off Jalan Cheras, is a great destination mall that offers over 400 retail outlets over its 7-storey facility. It also boasts a huge number of restaurants and cafes alongside a number of entertainment outlets, with a cinema, ice rink, and game zones all located on-site.

MyTown Shopping Mall boasts Malaysia’s largest IKEA, meaning you get to combine a bit of retail therapy with some deep furniture longing. It’s also home to a branch of respected department store Parkson, alongside Golden Screen Cinemas for your latest movie pleasure.

Mines Resort City is a noteworthy addition to local amenities in good proximity to Cheras. This former tin mine is today an integrated health and wellness resort, boasting the popular The Mines shopping mall, complete with scenic boat ride, alongside the Mines Wellness Hotel, Golden Horses Health Sanctuary, and Mines Resort & Golf Club.

If you want a bit more activity and a little less spa and relaxation in your entertainment, Cheras is also home to The Challenger Sports Centre, a popular sporting complex that combines access to badminton courts, table tennis tables, and futsal pitches. Nearby Sports Affairs offers another alternative destination for the badminton and futsal needs of residents in the area.

Cheras Food and Nightlife

Cheras is home to Taman Connaught Pasar Malam, the longest night market in KL, stretching over 2 kilometres of amazing stalls every Wednesday night. It offers up tasty treats and cheap eats alongside everything from fresh flowers to fashion. This fantastic market is the quintessential nightlife destination for the Cheras neighbourhood.

When you’re talking food in Cheras, the food courts at various malls throughout the area offer some familiar favourites for kids and adults alike. Sunway Velocity Mall boasts a range of food choices at its appropriately named Food Street,  alongside coffee in the Commune, and artisan food treats in its Market Place. MyTown Shopping centre has dining options that cater to a range of tastes, with offerings from the tasty Penang food with a halal-twist of Simply Penang, to the Singaporean treats of Hill Street Coffee Shop.

If you’re looking for a café in Cheras for a decadent slice of dessert, there are plenty to choose from, with popular local spot WichDay being a tasty place to start. For a more caffeinated vibe, Cheras cafe Ebony and Ivory Coffee and 103 Coffee Roastery in 9 Miles represent some of the great coffee shops found throughout the neighbourhood.

Oriental Star in EkoCheras Mall provides a large banquet hall and restaurant venue combined with some tasty dim sum treats. If you’re looking for a large venue for that overdue family get together, it’s one of a variety of options throughout the Cheras area.

Cheras Healthcare

Cheras benefits from a range of public and private hospitals, giving residents a number of choices for their healthcare needs. As well as small public medical centres such as Klinik Kesihatan Cheras, the area is also served by a larger university hospital. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre provides public and private healthcare as part of a teaching hospital facility.

Nearby private hospitals also serve residents of Cheras. Columbia Asia Hospital is a modern multidisciplinary hospital located in Cheras Selatan. Pantai Hospital Cheras is an alternative facility for private healthcare in the area, providing a 128-bed hospital that deals with a range of medical indications.

Cheras Places of Worship

With Cheras stretching from KL in the north down to Selangor in the south, the neighbourhood offers access to many local places of worship.

Surau At-Taqwa mosque, Masjid Al-Mubarakah, Surau al-Faizin, and Surau At-Taqwa, are just a few of the mosques located in the northern area of the neighbourhood. With mosques such as Ashabus Solihin Mosque, Masjid Taman Cheras Jaya, and Surau Al-Ansar just a few of those serving the southern end of the suburb.

Cheras is also home to a number of Hindu temples. Temples such as Sri Hari Haran Kodiyur Aiyanar Bagawan Temple and Cheras Sri Thohaiyadi Vinayagar Temple can be found serving the northern ends of the suburb, and Sri Maha Moondagakanniamman and Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavan amongst those serving the south.

Buddhists are equally well served with places to worship within the area. 4 Faces Buddha Temple, Kuan Tei Temple, and Tai Kuk Wah Si Buddhist Temple cater to residents of the local area, with a large number of other places of worship for the community.

Christians of diverse denominations will also find convenient access to churches throughout Cheras. Church of St. Francis of Assisi is conveniently located to serve the Catholic community, with Cheras Baptist Church, Mahkota Cheras Methodist Church, and a variety of other churches serving their own local communities.


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